The stresses placed on a surgical glove today the long duration of surgeries, heavy or sharp instrument applied, and chemical used in the surgical field demand its barrier protection be ensure and cannot be compromised, iNtouch present as an important element to support the protection of your hands

Why Choose iNtouch

Surgical Gloves


When your hands are examining a patient, performing a surgical procedure or conducting a laboratory test, it is good to know that they are well protected. With iNtouch sterile gloves, you can be sure of exceptional protection, comfort and dexterity - everything you need in a surgical glove to give you full confidence and peace of mind in carrying out your job.

The iNtouch range of sterile gloves is the result of years of extensive research to meet the needs of the healthcare community. We believe that being in touch and understanding your needs are what make for an exceptional glove.

In each and every glove we design, we focus on key areas which will provide you with a great glove experience at the end of a long and hard day. We want to ensure that you are always in good hands as you serve the healthcare community, through the use of the right glove to perform your daily routine confidently.

The iNtouch surgical glove range is known for its superior quality as the gloves are internally controlled with a tighter Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) inspection than regulated product specification. Every production batch of gloves is subjected to multiple quality inspection gates to guarantee only the best hand-picked gloves are shipped to you.

Every glove is manufactured under stringent quality systems - ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003, US FDA QSR and is CE certified with a notified body number of 0086.

Intouch recognizes the importance of surgical to provide execelent barier protection. That is why all our premium range of surgical gloves are 100% tested using a pneumatic air inflation tester to weed out gloves with pin holes before the packing stage. Our personnel conducting the test are trained to simultaneously check for visual defects on the gloves. Thus, we are able to take extra measures in ensuring only the best quality gloves reach you.

All our premium range of surgical gloves are relesed for shipment with an Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) of 0.65 which is the industry highest guarentee for low pin holes.

Damp Donning has always been a preferred requirement for powder free surgical gloves to ease donning experience. In a survey 76% of gloves were easy to don when hands were dry but only 39% were able to don when hands were slyghtly damp.

Intouch product range of Damp Donning surgical gloves has special polymer coating on the inner surface of the gloves. This special blend of Acrylate Polymer coating adheres to latex film and maintains its integrity, providing good durability and damp donning properties due to its hydrophulic nature, where water droplets from the skin surface sinks, enabling low friction upon contact. This therefor, enables a smooth donning experience every time.

Endotoxin is a form of toxin released from the cell wall of the bacteria when the bacteria dies, which can potentially cause post operative. Complications. There is a big misconseption on a gloves being sterilized and yest safe against infection. The important fact to note is the environment in which the gloves are produced play a big role to ensure you keep low bacteria count on your gloves which is then during sterilization, turning into low endotoxin.

Intouch takes great pride to continously record endotoxin level 90% below the European Standard (EN455 Part 3) requirement for endotoxin content. We have an independent microbiology laboratory to conduct routine enviromental monitoring of the facility from production to packing to ensure all critical areas are controled within aceptable bacteria count as per our stringent internal spesification. With this meticulous control, we are able to ensure low endotoxin possible on our surgical gloves, making intouch surgical gloves a safer4 choise during use from potential postoperative complications.

Strong Reliable Seal And Material

Protects and ensures the sterility of the product under multiple conditions.

Excellent Resistance to Bacteria

High quality sealing material and design acts as an effective bacteria barrier.

Easy to Handle

Clean peel-ability ensures effective donning of gloves aseptically.

iNtouch stands at the forefront of product innovation. We continuously drive new product developments, solutions and concepts to enhance performance, promote additional benefits and increase reliability. The demand of the healthcare industry is shifting rapidly and we are steered in this direction.

The new iNtouch sterile peel pouch packaging brings new perspective to the healthcare needs in enhancing quality and product consistency while adding more beneficial features to the product.

At Kossan, we look at quality from every angle in terms of functionality, safety, purity, formulation, consistency, manufacturing, customer service, technical support and many moreā€”to consistently ensure customer satisfaction.

As quality means high degree of excellence, we take great pride in instilling international quality management systems in our design and development of every product we deliver.

We aim to be your most reliable business partner in every aspect of our interactions: from top-quality products to timely deliveries, insightful marketing assistance, positive relationships, technical solutions and consultations.


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